Dell XPS Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ads, Coupons and Deals 2020

Dell XPS Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ads, Coupons and Deals 2020

By BlackFridayGenie's Content Team | Published Mon, Aug 10, 2020 10:52 PM

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 sales are right around the corner! It's the good time to save some serious cash on Dell XPS. Don't know where to find the cheapest deals in real time? We will take care of it for you. To help you maximize on savings, we have compiled the ultimate list of the best 2020 Dell XPS Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and discounts. Check and compare prices from trust-worthy retailers like Black Friday Desktop Tower Deals, Black Friday Dell Xps 13 Deals, Black Friday Deals Desktop Pc, Acer Predator 15 Black Friday, Black Friday Deals Dell Xps 15 and Xps 13 2 In 1 Cyber Monday, and many more.

Best Dell XPS Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Great bargains are hard to come by, that's why we highlighted all thest best Dell XPS deals to get your attention. These deals are measured by a variety of metrics, like retailer, discount rate, clicks, user reviews, updated time, inventory, and etc. Look no further for the most amazing discounts than here and now.

Latest Dell XPS Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Apart from the door-busting bargains, here are all the most amazing Dell XPS deals that you must check out. Snag up to 65% off on select items with the most fresh Dell XPS coupon code.

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Top Dell XPS Black Friday and Cyber Monday Stores 2020

As you’re inundated with hundreds of Black Friday ads, catalogs and offers, it can be difficult to determine which retailers will have the best deals. To help you out, below are the top stores known for offering significant Dell XPS deals on Black Friday. Hope you can score the best deals at these popular retailers.

  • Black Friday Desktop Tower Deals : The retailer will likely have a strong pre-sale starting from mid-month. Last year, the store took up to 65% off. This year, expect to see discounts of at least 75% off. Set up alerts when Dell XPS deals go on sale - ASAP.
  • Black Friday Dell Xps 13 Deals : Watch for the retailer to have super-low prices and free shipping offers. Last year, it took 60% off via a coupon code. So, it's definitely worth checking out this year. Set up notifications for Dell XPS sale as soon as possible.
  • Black Friday Deals Desktop Pc : Black Friday Deals Desktop Pc has always been the go-to store for Dell XPS deals. Last year, it took up to 50% off via a coupon, and offered free shipping delivery. The store will likely cut up to 60% off this month. Sale ends soon! Buy it before it's too late.
  • Acer Predator 15 Black Friday : Acer Predator 15 Black Friday is a great place to check on Black Friday if you’re looking for the latest Dell XPS deals. Last year, Acer Predator 15 Black Friday offered notable deals up to 40% off. Our prediction for Black Friday 2020 is that it will drop at least 50% off. Pick a real bargain before it is gone forever.
  • Black Friday Deals Dell Xps 15 : Black Friday Deals Dell Xps 15 is in the list when it comes to checking out great deals on Dell XPS products. Last year, prices knocked up to 45% off. Our prediction for this year is that it will cut at least 50% off. Set up notifications for Dell XPS sale as soon as possible.
  • Xps 13 2 In 1 Cyber Monday : This store should have some standout deals over the course of the month. Last year, it took up to 50% off via a coupon, and offered free shipping delivery. Our prediction for this year is that it will cut at least 60% off. Don't wait to snatch up your savings. Grab them while you can.

Dell XPS Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways for Dell XPS bargain hunters, including sale days and times, store ad releases, free shipping policy, early deals, doorbuster deals, and more. It pays off to have a plan, so keep these tips in mind if you plan to get the best bang for your holiday buck.

  • Sale Days & Times - Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving. In 2019, it falls on November 29. Some retailers will not be open on Thanksgiving Day, others are closed for both Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Early-bird shoppers should be aware, some stores open at as early as 2 p.m. on Thursday and stay open all day on Friday.
  • Black Friday Ad Release - Black Friday 2020 is war between retailers. Major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy will release their Black Friday ads in early November - provide stiff competition to one another. Look out for free gift cards with its top Dell XPS doorbusters in these ads.
  • Early Deals - Often stores will run Black Friday pre-sales before the actual day - from a week to even a month. But actual Dell XPS doorbusters will begin on Thanksgiving Day, and prices will hold throughout the weekend into Cyber Monday. Smart shoppers should hold their nerve if the early Dell XPS deals don’t shape up.
  • Doorbuster Deals - Black Friday 2020 is a massive opportunity for bargain hunters because doorbuster deals will include deep discounts on Dell XPS, taking up to 70% off. The one downside to shopping Dell XPS is the crowds and long lines at many major retailers.
  • Cyber Monday - Big retailers tend to repeat many of its Black Friday deals on Cyber Monday, which means you can expect Dell XPS deals to remain unchanged from Black Friday. So, don’t panic if you miss out first time around.
  • Free Shipping - Retailers like Target and Best Buy always offer free shipping with no minimum spend for all orders during the holiday season, while Amazon restricts fast, free two-day shipping to Prime members or orders over $25. Amazon’s non-Prime members can take advantage of Amazon Prime membership trial for the entire holiday sales season.

So to wrap up, thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many retailers will offer the lowest prices and the best deals of Dell XPS. Ready to put this information to use? Remember, hold your nerve and wait for the best deals. BlackFridayGenie will be updating all the latest Dell XPS deals and savings, so stay tuned with us.

Popular Laptop Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020

With the craziest shopping extravaganza of the year approaching, consumers are busy searching for the best Laptop bargains. On top of Dell XPS, there will be plenty of mind-blowing deals on Apple Macbook Air, Apple Macbook Pro, HP Spectre x360, Samsung Chromebook and Acer Chromebook. Here are some of the most popular Laptop deals happening right now. Check out these deals before they are gone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dell XPS

What is Dell XPS?

Dell XPS ("Xtreme Performance System") is a line of high performance computers manufactured by Dell. - via
To learn more about Dell XPS's news and deals, visit here.

What is the newest Dell XPS?

With that dreaded nose cam fixed, the Dell latest XPS 13 is an ultraportable delight to use. WiredNo more nose cam. Great performance in a very thin and light package. Gorgeous HDR display (4K model). - via

Is Dell XPS a business laptop?

Design. The Dell XPS 13 remains one of the most striking laptops on the market, with a small footprint that's made possible by the system's edge-to-edge display. ... Weighing in at 2.9 lbs. and measuring 11.98 x 7.88 x 0.33-0.6 inches, the XPS 13 is compact enough to slide into your work bag or purse without a fuss. - via

Are Dell XPS laptops good?

Dell just made one of the best laptops even better. Loaded up with Intel's powerful 8th-Gen core processor, the XPS 13 (starting at $899, reviewed at $2,449) is even faster and more powerful than ever. ... Regarding design and performance, the XPS 13 remains among the best in its class. - via

What is the best Dell XPS laptop?

Dell XPS 13 (9380) Review. MSRP: $899.99. ...
Alienware Area-51m Review. ...
Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet Review. ...
Dell Precision 5530 Review. ...
Dell XPS 15 (9570) Review. ...
Dell Chromebook 3189 Education 2-in-1 Review. ...
Dell Latitude 5591 Review. ...
Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1 Review. - via

Is Dell XPS 13 4k worth it?

If you're involved in creative work such as video editing, then a 4K display is probably a good choice. However, at 13.3-inches, it's not as though the Full HD display looks bad. ... The best value option for most XPS 13 buyers is the Full HD non-touch display. Adding touch costs $100 and it simply isn't worth it. - via

Is it worth buying Dell XPS 13?

Even so, while the Dell XPS 13 2019 might not be the best laptop in the world these days, it's still one of the top laptops to beat. We've also seen Dell knock a huge £500 off the price tag of the Dell XPS 13 before, so there's even more value to be had. - via

What is the difference between Dell XPS and Dell Inspiron?

The main difference between the XPS and the Inspiron is their target. The Inspiron is an entry level line-up while the XPS, which stands for Xtreme Performance System, is a line of high-performance machines for heavy computing and gaming. - via

Is Dell XPS 15 worth buying?

Should You Buy the XPS 15? In short: yes. The XPS 15 is an excellent all-around laptop with a premium design, a gorgeous display, an impressive CPU performance and long-lasting battery life. - via

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